Our Statement

New York's leading non-profit cinema since 1970, Film Forum is an institution dedicated to presenting international, independent, and classic films that engage and challenge audiences. A landmark cinema of ideas where films are celebrated, the success of Film Forum depends on the workers who are dedicated to preserving and nurturing its spirit.

We are a diverse group of employees with unique experiences and ideas–full and part time theater, facilities, administrative, programming and publicity staff representing years of experience. We join together as a collective unit, in pursuit of agency and transparency in the matters that impact our daily work lives and livelihood.

We believe democratic representation within the institution is fundamental to achieve this vision. Decisions about our employment terms– just hiring practices, health and safety standards for front line staff, a holistic approach to organizational development, fair compensation and workplace rights– must be negotiated on equal grounds with leadership through a fair contract.

Above all, we are film lovers passionate about our work. We welcome those who support our mission to build a more just workplace.

Logo for UAW Local 2110. A Union for technical, office and professional workers.
About UAW Local 2110

The Technical, Office and Professional (TOP) Union, Local 2110, is an amalgamated union with 30 contracts covering over 3000 workers in universities, publishing, museums, law firms and other offices. We represent teachers, secretaries, administrators, editors, computer operators, librarians, museum curators, typesetters and graphic artists, among many others.Our union has taken a lead in organizing women and workers in non-profits who have never been organized before. We have broken new ground in winning benefits such as childcare, flex-time, job classification, domestic partner benefits and family leave. We have the experience necessary to organize and negotiate for "white collar" workers.For more information visit 2110uaw.org